The Vipp Shelter Hotel Allows You to Spend the Night In Swedish Forests

When the Vipp shelter initially made its introduction, adventurers rejoiced. To get 1,000.00 euros a night, this 55 sqm calm hideaway awaits you in the Swedish wilderness. Every bit of this shelter's dark-toned inside is chosen to keep the focus on what is important -- nature. Check in to the Vipp refuge and check out from everyday life; gaze at the lake Immeln, listen to the sounds of the forest and cook to the relaxing crackling of the fireplace.

The Vipp hotel is a self-service idea. The shelter is a pod wrapped in the Vipp DNA from head each detail pictured by vipp designer, Morten Bo Jensen. To escape town including all the necessities and nothing more,' explains Morten Bo Jensen. 'the protector is the end result of this dream. A pod of tranquility designed as a large-scale vipp product.'
The self-contained residence can accommodate up to four people at any one time, with a single main bed for two people in the lofted top story, and space for two additional guests on the daybed on the lower level. Windows present views in the property's living accommodation, in which there is a kitchen unit joined by a dining table that is versatile.