NEON and 5th celebration of “shiver house”- a new wooden house

"Shiver house" - brand new creation by NEON, which is a dynamic, animal-like construction that adapts and moves in response to the surrounding natural area. It is located in Finland, within the Korppoo island. Before that, in 2015, there was an installation of the shiver house as a part of the barfotastifgen exhibition of arts. It was supposed to be in-site for four months. Hence its popularity grew more prominent; it got kept on-site much longer than expected. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the project, NEON has created a brand new version, made out of Finnish plane ply. The shiver house is a revolutionary invention of the standard Finnish hut. According to natural elements, the project searches the idea, to make architecture alive. All that to incite a longer and deeper lasting emotional connection between the structures and people. Nowadays, as the world is facing COVID-19 and is trying to adapt to a new reality, the margate-based studio suggests emphasizing the way art, design, and architecture can help in connecting with nature, bringing people together, and reducing anxiety. The designers explain that the shiver house is a perfect representation of grounding people in the present.
The project involves 600 kinetic counterweighted shingles, which replies to the variety of weather conditions in the area. Snow, wind, and rain might cause the shingles to turn into a closed position, which gives the shiver house a function of shelter.
Regularly changing between being a poetic device and a functional shelter, NEON'S project prompts people to relax inside and watch the environment through moving parts.
The shiver house got based on an everyday timber structure that holds plenty of tensioned steel wire rows; these steel wires are handled to keep the counterweighted shingles.
The shingles constructed applying a cut and folded plane ply, which is soaked in a protective oil while the counterweight gets constructed using a stainless-steel bolt and nut.
Virtasen Maalitehdas provided a donation of the protective oil.