STEAMPUNK – The sculptural wood pavilion in Estonia

The wooden sculpture, created as part of the 5th edition of the Biennale of Architecture in Tallinn, stands on a small mound in front of the Museum of Estonian Architecture.
As we can read on the SoomeenHahm website:

STEAMPUNK is a proposal for a pavilion made of steam-bent timber elements, using analogue tools augmented with the precision of mixed reality environments. It explores an adaptive design and fabrication system that is resilient to wide tolerances in material behavior and fabrication accuracy, occupying a fuzzy in-between that is neither purely ad-hoc nor purely automated. Steampunk explores a path to rethink applications and traditions of craft in pursuit of their evolution.

Design by: Gwyllim Jahn, Cam Newnham, Soomeen Hahm, Igor Pantic