Private Residence by YH2 in Québec, Canada

The 1,700-square-foot home is situated in Bolton-Est, Québec, Canada together with is a collaborative piece of work between consumer, sculptor Jacek Jarnuszkiewicz and architects Marie-Claude Hamelin together with Loukas Yiacouvakis from YH2. “The project was conceived following the guidelines of the surrealist’s beautiful cadaver the place every designer builds upon the piece of work performed past the previous 1. Every sculptural proposition was debated amongst the designers till verticality, as a robust together with a clear facial expression of the given panorama’s essence, was agreed upon because of the core idea of the projection. Positioned on a spacious ground overhanging lake Trousers, it's surrounded past a chiaroscuro coniferous woods. In one case the compositional guidelines established, the projection was developed from the manus of 1 creator to the opposite, from quantity to program, from the dealing with of supplies together with lots to the upgrowth of inside areas. The fractioning of lots, the composition of ii wooden volumes, 1 calorie-free together with 1 darkish, the opacity together with transparency structural video games all create the home unite with nature together with nature combine the inside areas of the home. The open up a program of the home presents a pure fluidity together with continuity betwixt the woods' floor degree together with the decrease flooring of the home, betwixt inside together with an exterior. The expertise supplied past the mezzanine lounge on the in conclusion flooring is accomplished past a big coated terrace that concurrently is a wildlife commentary tower together with a panoramic belvedere. It opens itself to the mountains together with overlooks the close by lake. Vertical composition harking back to the mature timber surrounding it, the home opens itself to sunlight together with to the majestic surroundings due to the big drinking glass facade roofing the iii flooring. Expressed tectonics the place spatial composition overrides performance, it's a sculptural home in nature.”