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Standing Room Only: Finding a Nightstand that Fits

black table lamp on nightstand

Finding the perfect nightstand for your bedroom doesn’t need to be complicated, but it’s still worth considering what will make it the perfect fit for your space and lifestyle. After all, a nightstand might be just a small piece of furniture, but it’s one you are likely to use almost every night. It’s worth making sure that it minimizes your frustration, rather than causing more.

Start with size. Begin by measuring the space beside your bed to determine the exact dimensions required in your nightstand. After all, a nightstand that doesn’t fit or fits the space awkwardly won’t be stable and might allow things to fall down beside the bed and get lost forever…or at least until the next time you happen to clean under there. At any rate, when taking your measurements, be sure to include height measurements. Think about whether or not you want your nightstand to come up higher than the mattress or whether the nightstand will begin to block a window. It’s also worth considering whether your stand will have easy access to an outlet or if you’ll need to acquire an extension cord.

white table lamp on gray end table

Next, think through the features that matter to you on your nightstand. Do you need a closed drawer, or would shelves make more sense? A lot of your decisions about features will be informed by how you plan to use your nightstand. Be honest with yourself. You might want to believe you will only keep books arranged artistically on the shelves, but practically speaking you’re far more likely to want to keep your phone, glasses, and sinus medication close to your hand. Your nightstand should enhance your comfort and ease your sleep, so it’s important to think through the features that will support this purpose.

Next, think about style. You don’t want your nightstand to clash with your existing bedroom furnishings, and it’s something you will see every night. While it is likely tucked away slightly from general view, you don’t want the sight of it to irritate you just before bed each night. Instead, browse your style options online to determine which you genuinely prefer, then match those to your bedframe and dresser. Part of your style choice will be informed by the utility and functional features. For example, you might prefer an open design, but realize that a closed design will offer more storage space. You might be able to compromise with a nightstand that is open at the top with a drawer at the base or another similarly combined design. Keep in mind, too, that for smaller spaces that require narrow stands, a light color will keep the area beside the bed from appearing overly shadowed and dark.

brown wooden 2 drawer nightstand

It’s important to remember your budget, too. Of course, most nightstands are quite affordable, so it’s relatively easy to look online and find plenty of cheap nightstands Keeping these simple guidelines in mind, you’ll be better able to narrow down your options to a nightstand that won’t keep you up at night.