5 Design Tips To Achieve A Cozy Bedroom

Your bedroom can either be a simple room where you’ll sleep every night or a sanctuary where it provides serenity and peace. One way of achieving the latter is to transform your bedroom into something cozy and inviting.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for your bedroom to have that sense of warmth you’ll surely love. As a start, consider these design tips to achieve a cozy bedroom:

Hang some artwork

Hanging artwork that is calming and inspiring may help create that cozy and relaxing ambiance you’re looking for, not to mention that artworks matching your tastes and preferences are a reflection of your personality. This means that you can truly call your bedroom your own.

You can start hanging scenic artwork, like the forest or ocean, or custom tapestries. Also, you can even display historical memorabilia or photographs as these, too, tell something about your personality.

Speaking of making your room personal, you can also display objects or things that have sentimental value. This can range from a loved one’s photo, a souvenir from your travels, your favorite books, or even your dream journal.

white and brown bed sheet

Install inviting lighting

One requirement for a bedroom to be classified as cozy is lighting. But a cozy bedroom’s lighting doesn’t simply refer to ordinary lighting. In fact, ordinary ceiling lighting doesn’t really scream cozy. 

Instead, to achieve a cozy vibe in your bedroom, consider turning off any overhead fixture after dark. This is because an overhead fixture, especially during nighttime, would kill any mood, especially if you’re going for coziness. Instead, opt for soft bedside lamps, as well as strategically placed ceiling lights. Still, the best light to achieve a cozy vibe would always be natural light, especially if the moon’s beam shines on your bedroom.

Incorporate some rugs

If a tapestry transforms your bedroom’s walls into something more personal and cozier, rugs will have the same effect on your floors. Even if you already have a carpet, it’s still a good idea to incorporate rugs in your bedroom. This is because a rug will give an illusion of space, and it’ll definitely help tie everything in the room together. 

Moreover, if you have wooden floors in your bedroom, consider layering some rugs so you can have a cozy and unique vibe. A layered rug will add plenty of texture and style to any room, especially your bedroom, and it’ll also help you achieve that cozy feeling in no time. You can go for shag rugs or small sheepskin placed on your bed’s sides.

Also, adding rugs will help cushion your steps every time you get out of bed in the morning. This is especially true if you choose ones that are plush and easy to clean. Just make sure that your chosen rug will coordinate with your room’s overall design.

white bed linen with white pillow

Rearrange your furniture

Did you know that how your furniture is placed will have a huge impact in terms of your bedroom’s comfort and coziness? This is why it’s highly advisable to reduce clutter in the bedroom as much as possible. Clutter will only invite stress as it makes the room unorganized. Hence, as much as possible, it’s best if you only purchase must-have furniture staples every home should have.

With that said, your bedroom furniture should be placed in the most practical and functional way possible. For example, try facing your bed away from windows so the sun’s rays won’t wake you up early in the morning. Also, make sure that nightstands are within reach, which entails that they should also be at the right height.

Invest in a big bed

A room won’t be considered a bedroom if it doesn’t have a bed. Since the bed is a crucial element in this room, it’s also best if you make this furniture as cozy as possible. 

One way of doing this is investing in a four-poster bed. However, if you’re not a fan of frills or curtains, you can always resort to those that don’t have any fabric or crossbeams. A four-poster bed will provide an emphasis on the bed, which makes a small bedroom appear bigger, as well as adding drama. Essentially, to achieve a cozy bedroom, opt for a bed that’ll dominate your room.

black laptop computer on white bed


Surely, we want our bedroom to transform into something that we can comfortably relax, not just a simple room where we lay our heads at night. One way to achieve this look is by making your bedroom cozy; a cozy room is always an inviting room.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to achieve a cozy bedroom. As a start, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article. Then by adhering to these steps and even continually searching for other design tips, you’ll achieve a cozy bedroom in no time.


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