The Countries With The Best Architecture

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There really are some amazing pieces of architecture all over the world. Whether it’s history, houses, or monuments, there’s just something in every country that really will take your breath away. If you are lucky enough to live in something that’s so unique in terms of architecture, you’ll know how breathtaking it can be. The creativity that goes into some of the buildings is amazing. It takes skill, patience, and vision to be able to produce some of the best. This article is going to explore what countries we think has some of the best architecture you’ll see.


Singapore is one of the coolest countries there is. It offers so much in terms of culture, and architecture. The architecture is so varied, with a wide range of both old traditional style buildings, and the new modern ones seen all over the country. The modern ones are pretty cool to look at. Singapore is a rising country and since their economy has improved so has the buildings. One of the most unique ones the country has to offer is the Singapore's Marina bay by Ingenhoven. The winding wooden walkways create such an intriguing pattern that can be seen from above. Whilst it may not be a building, this funky design will definitely capture your attention. The houses out there are pretty unique as well. A lot of them feature tranquil gardens with pools to rival a spa, and the actual design of the houses are so funky.


We all know some of the most famous monuments in Australia. In Sydney you have the Opera House which is just a truly stunning piece of Architecture. The time it took to design and actually build was so immense, but the outcome was worth it. The houses and apartments out there are also pretty cool. A lot of apartments are open and glassy, which gives the apartment such room to breathe, and from the outside looks really good. There are always so many being built as well, so there’s always apartments for sale. A lot of the area is filled with skyrise buildings which really do seem to tower over you. Compared to a lot of other countries in the world, Australia's architecture is new, fresh, and we like it.


Amsterdam’s architecture is all pretty unique. It’s also famously known around the world. Those rustic tall buildings have rarely changed since the day they were built. But it is these high rise apartment blocks that everyone loves. They tower over you as you walk down the canals, and really are a wonder to look at. The canals themselves are another amazing piece of architecture that should be appreciated. They twist and wind all around the city making an amazing scenic route for tourists.