The Mommy's Guide on How to Transform Your Windows

black and white floor lamp near white and brown wooden window frames

When we encounter window treatments, we often see it as a way to block the room from radiation or too much sunlight or to achieve more privacy. The way we dress up our windows can also affect the overall design of our homes.

For the window treatment designers, styling the windows must be given attention to just like in designing and organizing other areas in our homes. Here are some of the ideas to get started:

Consider a layered look.

Regardless if it is shutters, drapes, roll blind, or sheer voile, layering the window dressing will give us more options on how much light we want in that room while creating a stimulating effect. These can be done both in the living room and bedroom areas.

Instead of using curtains, use artwork designs.

Curtains are not always the answer in beautifying your windows. Sometimes all it needs is exposing its hidden beauty. With just soft furnishings to produce a warm and cozy atmosphere and maximize the walls for some painting and other artwork designs, it can be the best area in your home. But if you are eager to have it dressed, opt for a simpler helmet.

window curtain open wide

Be focused on the details.

If you want a window treatment that can emphasize the room's design scheme, go for custom window treatments. These will surely bring out the distinct characteristics of the area with its different color shades and lead. 

Choose printed stuff.

If you run out of curtain ideas, maybe it is time to take a look at the things around the area and consider printed designs. Prints can bring livelier ambiance to the area because of its sense of depth and movement to fabrics like curtains. You can choose to mix up geometric designs and floral, for instance, for an energizing atmosphere.

white, green, and teal floral textile

Be particular on the color shades.

For curtain, drapes, and blind ideas, you can choose bold hues as inspiration because it can add a much-needed booster to the area while not being very neutral. Moreover, for the window shutters and curtain idea, consider what can match the color and design of the walls to achieve a contemporary color-was effect.

Choose something light.

Are you a person who is not that particular about your privacy while staying at home? If you are, then the sheer voile will be perfect for your space. Its see-through fabric will filter too much sunlight in the day while maintaining soft lightness for the whole area.

brown pot with green leafed plant on top of white wooden side table

Check out the windowsill.

Please do not leave your windowsill neglected when designing the windows because it can also make or break the overall design of the area. Here, you can put some figurines or designs that are applicable the whole year round like succulent plants and candles. As much as possible, keep it streamlined and simple, especially if the windows and its curtains are always closed.

closed brown wooden window

Maximize the space in the window.

Having a built-in window seat can be a good idea to create another sanctuary in your home. Nothing feels better than being kissed by the morning sunlight or having a nice place to rest or reflect while seeing the nature of your home's comfort.

Beautiful blond hair girl, sitting on a window-sill

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