This Environmentally Friendly Hotel in the Arctic Circle Inspired by Norwegian Fishers

It's one thing to build a resort in the foot of a glacier just above the Arctic circle; it's another thing completely to make it energy favorable. But that is exactly what award-winning Norwegian architects Snøhetta are tasked to create.

In cooperation with Asplan Viak and Skanska and the group at Arctic Adventures of Norway - they have created 'Svart' - a gorgeous round resort unlike any other.

It is circular shape has been inspired by traditional Norwegian fishing equipment, with a focus on natural timber and minimalism. Brightly colored rooms hack back to the humble houses and inviting campfires of local fisherman.

The resort's supporting structure is constructed from weather-resistant wooden rods stretching several meters under the surface of the fjord. The poles ensure that the building physically places a minimal footprint in the pristine nature, and gives the building an almost transparent look.

"This is going to be the world's most environmentally friendly resort" explains lead architect Zenul Khan.

But just how carbon neutral will Svart actually be?

For starters, it has been painstakingly made to reduce its energy consumption by 85 percent when compared to some present-day resort. It's also equipped with amenities and mechanisms to make it's own energy - something that restricted its carbon footprint in this delicate ecosystem as the Arctic.

In the meantime, here are a few conceptual renderings of what the final hotel will look like.

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