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Top Tips for Making Curtains for Your Home

It’s easy enough to order your curtains to be made to measure or pick up some pre-made drapes at your local homeware store. However, while these can be convenient options, if you are trying to stick to a budget, attempting to live a more sustainable lifestyle, or simply fancy more handmade touches in your living space, making curtains yourself is something worth considering. Not only could this be a money-saving option, but it’s also an opportunity to evolve your sewing skills. If you do have a sewing machine at home, here are a few quick tips to help you make curtains from scratch.

Take Accurate Measurements

Always start by taking accurate measurements of your window before you start shopping for fabric. You will need to think about how wide you want your curtains to be (don’t forget the gather) and how far underneath the window sill they should drop - at least a few inches, is recommended. You’ll also need to think about the top of your curtains and how high they will reach above your window.

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Get Quality Fabric

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the finest fabrics at your nearest haberdashery, but it is important to consider the quality of the material that you’re buying. You want your new curtains to not only look and feel as good as possible but for them to last a long time. You should also think about the thickness of the fabric you are using, for insulation purposes, blocking out external light and giving you more privacy.

Invest in Sharp Sewing Scissors  

As well as having a sewing machine at hand, you will need good quality sewing scissors to help you make precise, neat cuts in the fabric. Pins to mark your pattern can also be a helpful addition to your sewing kit, as is a pencil, to lightly mark your patterns (it can be erased afterward).

Grommets for the Hooks

If you want your curtains to thread through the curtain pole, you will need to have the right size grommets for a stylish finish. These brass grommets from Gold Star Tool, are a good example, and you can find a range of sizes to suit your choice of design. If this isn’t the way you would like your curtains to hang from the poles, remember to sew curtain thread, to which to can attach plastic hooks, for an alternative look to dress your window.

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Remember to Line Your Curtains

To make sure that your curtains aren’t see-through (unless this is your intention), you’ll need to remember to add a lining to them. There should be a slight gap between the edge of your lining and the main fabric, to avoid the lining drooping down below the curtains. 

If you’d like to try your hand at making curtains for a room in your house, use these tips to help you get started and make sure you’re getting the best results.