Landscape Embroidery Motifs by Vera Shimunia

Russian embroidery artist Vera Shimunia started her landscape embroidery hobby in 2015. She told Colossal that it is the best medium for her because it requires less patience than cross-stitch and is more exciting, in her view, than painting. The Saint Petersburg-based self-taught artist shares that she guesses that the needle for a brush. Her richly-hued mountainscapes, sunrises, and skies have been crafted on palm-sized embroidery hoops using an assortment of textured threads. Although Shimunia uses a unified color palette on a small surface area, she distinguishes distinct landscape components employing different sew and knot styles, in addition to thick, thin, and three-dimensional fibers. You can view more of her embroideries on Instagram, and buy work on Etsy.

via thisiscolossal