A Place for Delicious Desserts: Best 30 of Baked Goods at the Click of a Button

If you're looking for baking recipes, then look no further. The r/Baking subreddit has a treasure trove of baking recipes that will make your mouth water and your stomach growl with anticipation! This online group will satisfy any craving, from cookies to cakes. With the arrival of Christmas near, it's time to get cooking something tasty!

See what delicious and creative baked goods are available in the photo gallery below to get inspired!

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#1 Blueberry Pie With Cinnamon Cookie Crust

Image source: inspiredtotaste

#2 I Made Some Fall Fashion Cookies

Image source: inspiredtotaste

#3 Finally Perfected My Macarons, Then Took It To The Next Level! Strawberry Shaped Macarons With Chocolate Ganache And Jam Filling

Image source: 10Blank_Canvas_Cakes

#4 I Was Thinking A Lot About My Late Cockatiel Maui Today, He Passed Away Suddenly Last Year And His Hatch-Day Was In February. Decided To Make Some Maui Macarons To Honour Him. I Miss His Dorky Little Face So Much

Image source: lilbopeachy

#5 I Made A Picnic-Themed Birthday Cake For My Mother-In-Law. The Toppings Are All Individual Little Sugar Cookies

Image source: inspiredtotaste

#6 Customer Requested A Surprise As Long As It Incorporated A Bonfire, I Hope They Like It!

Image source: lilbopeachy

#7 Pie-Thon. I Thought I Would Share My Latest Pie

Image source: devoney44

#8 I Baked A “Princess Jasmine” Apple Pie

Image source: ThePieous

#9 I Made Spring Botanical Cookies! These Are Vanilla Bean Shortbread Cookies Decorated With Royal Icing!

Image source: yk28chan

#10 Daughter Wanted Kitty Cakes For Her 4th Birthday. Dad To The Rescue! I Am Not A Professional

Image source: airwolf16

#11 My Wife Made This Wedding Cake But She Doesn’t Post On Reddit

Image source: PM_Me_TittiesOrBeer

#12 Avocuddle Donuts! These Are Fried Vanilla Bean Donuts With Matcha Glazing And Sugar Coated Donut Holes

Image source: vickiee_yo

#13 Te Feiti Cake

Image source: gene_yus

#14 I Was Asked To Make A Cake Inspired By A Painting Done By The Birthday Girl’s Father. I Tried My Best!

Image source: lilbopeachy

#15 I Hand-Painted Some Delft Blue Sugar Cookies!

Image source: Veeeeezy

#16 The Best Part Of 2020 Was My Mom Starting Her Own Macaron Business While In Quarantine. Another Batch Of Orders Ready For Pick Up

Image source: peachynini

#17 Had A Chicken Cookie Cutter Laying Around For Ages, Decided To Give It A Try Today

Image source: Plebster159

#18 My Mom Was So Sad When My Grandmother Passed Away Cause She Would Miss Her Cheesecake

Image source: skydivesre
“So for the last 7 years I have been making her one every year for Xmas from my grandmother’s recipe. I’ve never been able to get one not to crack…until this year!! Finally a PERFECT cheesecake!!”

#19 I’m Feeling Really Proud Of My First Geode Cake And Just Wanted To Share It With Someone Who “Gets It”. Everything Is Completely Vegan And Completely Made From Scratch, Including The Rock Candy

Image source: _sparrow

#20 My 8 Year Old Daughter Wanted A Hedgehog Cake For Her Birthday. I Tried My Best

Image source: lampworkbench

#21 I Made A Beatrix Potter-Inspired Easter Pie – The Filling Is Apple And Mixed Field Berry

Image source: ThePieous

#22 I Made Winnie The Pooh Pull-Apart Bread! They’re Also Sweetened With Honey!

Image source: _affogato_

#23 My Wife Made This Beautiful Gingerbread House For Christmas

Image source: panache123

#24 Fox Cake I Made For My Son’s 1st Birthday Party

Image source: TheKingOfThePark

#25 My Mum Made This Bee Cake For A Baby’s Birthday… Yes The Cake Is Also Honey Flavoured!

Image source: taigacatalytic

#26 My Wife Is Proud Of Her Gingerbread House And Wanted Me To Share It For Her!

Image source: Phat_Strat

#27 Last Year I Made My Dad A Cookie Crust Birthday Pie, Illustrating His Childhood In Honduras. I Decided It Should Be A Tradition, So Pie-Ified Another Of His Stories This Year. This Has A Lemon And Blueberry Filling In A Cinnamon-Almond Cookie Crust

Image source: inspiredtotaste

#28 I’m So Happy With How The Layers In My Matcha Cake Turned Out I Just Had To Share It With You Guys!

Image source: KillerMagicBeans

#29 I’m Currently Studying Abroad In France. Here’s My Favorite Work So Far!

Image source: mydeadass

#30 Ignore My Dirty Mixing Bowl In The Background, But Look At My “Wooden” Cake!

Image source: Avbitten