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A baker creates spooky pie crust designs that perfect for Halloween

Vancouver-based baker artist Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (Pieous) creates incredible pie crust designs inspired by pop culture and the seasons of the year. Since Halloween is upon us, talented Clark-Bojin has been conjuring up a collection of magnificent pies that I'm confident will inspire you.
From a tart decorated with dainty skulls to a Jack-o'-lantern pie, each pie crust design looks just like a work of art.
Although her cakes look really intricate, the baker artist convinces on her Instagram that anyone can create pie crusts just like hers.
Since COVID-19 bounded us to our homes, now is the perfect time to discover a new skill. “I know it’s going to be a different sort of Halloween this year what with the global apocalypse and all,” says the artist. “But hey, even if we can’t see our friends live, we can always send them an awesome Halloween pie to let them know they are with us in spirit.”