Amazing ‘Patchwork’ Sculptures by Kadriye Inal

Kadriye İnal‘s “patchwork” paper sculptures capture humanity in both forms and also the incomplete, abstract beauty found in our seams. The artist’s work has also been called collage, though she’s stated that it is”somewhere between two and three dimensions, between reality and fiction.”

“Based on Kadriye İnal, because visions are the symbolic language of the subconscious mind, they produce a real world as a result of the direct character,” a former statement states. “In a continuous pursuit following this fact, the artist addresses the fact in a conscious environment of dreams. As İnal produces her compositions on the basis of this mix of the real and the fictive, she unlocks the complimentary and vibrant doors of this fanciful world to viewers. Besides each sculpture has its own story, the series as a whole presents images Offering many interpretations to viewers.”

h/t hifructose