An Artist Creates Insects from Salvaged Objects Found in The American Southwest

Raku Inoue recently looks an elongated road trip to several destinations in the American Southwest. During his journey, he created a scorpion-shaped arrangement out of seeds, sticks, along with a pepper discovered at Antelope Canyon in Arizona, and used a fallen cactus segment near Horseshoe Bend as the abdomen in a prickly tarantula. Other creations created with discovered natural elements throughout Inoue's trip including a turtle bug, red ant, and centipede.

Lately, Inoue created a monochrome stag beetle and Monarch butterfly to get a short film in cooperation with CBC Arts. The artist has also started to dig into three-dimensional versions of his found flora creations, building armatures to get a gorilla, water buffalo, and tiger. More foraged creations are on his Instagram.

H/T thisiscolossal