Close-Up Photographer of the Year: 9,000 Entries Reveal a Flurry of Tiny Details

johan de ridder’s “triplets in green.” all images courtesy of cupoty, shared with permission
Johan De Ridder’s “Triplets in Green.” All images courtesy of CUPOTY, shared with permission

What insects do you observe in your yard? The creatures we discover outside our homes are generally tiny and difficult to spot, yet they reveal a rich world of minute details when closely examined.

Kottke is an online news site that posts articles about nature every day for people like me who want more information on bugs or any other topic related to natural sciences! This time around, their Close-Up Photographer competition had 9000 entries from 55 countries across five continents; photographers submitted photos showing tiny denizens up close—and boy did these images differ intensely enough despite the similarities between them

Andy Sand’s “Lachnum niveum”
Laurent Hesemans’s “Snack Time”
Pål Hermansen’s “Insect Diversity”
Svetlana Ivavnenko’s “Fight”
Juan Ahumada’s “Dancing in the Dark”
Alessandro Grasso’s “Circular Octopus”
Ripan Biswas’s “Mating Underwater”
Minghui Yuan
Daniel Trim