Artist Adam Hillman Shows the Hidden Beauty in Ordinary Items

In Adam Hillman's world, a pile of LEGOs should always be grouped according to color. A rainbow paperclip chain can wrap around your wrist, and dozens of sewing pins can create a labyrinthine maze. Adam is an artist that has found hidden beauty in ordinary items like toothpicks, buttons, and forks. Adam arranges these objects according to their shape and color to create hypnotizing flat lay art.
Each time you look at one of his pieces, it has new details and colors that keep drawing your eye back to them - even after hours in front of the same piece! He cleverly cuts around each crayon wrapper for a zig-zag pattern or paints U.S quarters with different colors to make whimsical pyramids that add an element of surprise into these images and enhance their hypnotic effect on the viewers. You can purchase prints from Society6 and follow Hillman's latest creations by following him on Instagram.