Artist Tammy Kanat creates large-scale woven wall hangings full of colors

An innovative strategy to classical art is something we all do appreciate. While many artists do weaving on square looms, Tammy Kanat looks for a more natural form and designs massive textile projects housed within round shapes. Her pieces are fascinating blends of furry surfaces and vivid tones. It’s essential to give those pieces a lot of faith and take your time to appreciate Kanat’s variety of wrapping, fringe, knots, and more.
Kanat explains that art provides her peace, and it is crucial to her well-being. It’s like some form of meditation. Colors and textures are what give to the artist’s passion for creating. She’s very spontaneous during her work. She’s always into trying new techniques and improving her pieces. Some of her most recent arts involve floral-esque themes whose shapes inform both the inner and outer frames. If you are interested in seeing more of her works – check out Tammy’s website and Instagram account.