Artist Creates Paper And Wooden Birds By Hand-Cutting Every Feather

London-based artist Zack Mclaughlin is inspired by the beauty of birds and likes to create the most beautiful sculptures of paper, wood and other mixed media.

He told on Boredpanda: "I started creating these sculptures a couple of years ago, the first one I made was for my own children’s book concept where a little boy makes a bird paper light and flies away. I couldn’t visualise how to paint it, so I went about making it. I loved the process and found experimenting with new materials a real challenge and, in the end, hugely rewarding. From the first bird, I went on to experiment further and as with my illustration I try to recreate faithfully what I find beautiful, so I would try to create more and more realistic sculptures of birds."

Via Zack Mclaughlin / Bored Panda