Artist Kate MccGwire Creates Serpentine Snake-Like Sculptures from Fallen British Bird Feathers

British artist Kate MccGwire creates surreal, enchanting sculptures made from fallen bird feathers. Sourced from local farms, gamekeepers, and pigeon racers, the iridescent, patterned plumage comes from some British birds, including magpies, pheasants, and roosters. The artist’s latest work includes feather-covered, snake-like forms which look like hybrid creatures hibernating in boundaries of antique bell covers, frames, and cabinets.


MccGwire first began working with feathers after finding some fallen pigeon feathers close to her rural art studio. Since then, she started collecting the organic material, and exploring “the play of opposites at an aesthetic, intellectual and visceral level.” This composition creates a scale-like illusion of a snake coiled tightly and twisted around itself.

MccGwire describes her work as being like umbilical cords, and explains she aims to seduce the viewer, “however revolt in equal measure.” She explains, “It’s really important to me that you’ve got that rejection of things you believe you know for certain.”

MccGwire regularly shows her work in various exhibitions across Europe. Check out more of her job on her website.

h/t: Colossal