Artist Lucy Sparrow Opens a Store of Handcrafted Felt Products in Manhattan

The unique temporary installation by British artist Lucy Sparrow famous for her felt recreations of daily objects. Located in Manhattan at The Standard, High Line, the bodega is packed from floor to ceiling with thousands of items you may find at a typical corner shop from breakfast plates, a deli countertop filled with meats, frozen meals, and spiritsall made from felt and also a bit of paint. And just like a real shop, every last thing is available.

During the past couple of years Sparrow has shown her felt items in galleries and art fairs around the world incorporating Art Basel, Scope Miami, and the New York Affordable Art Fair. 8 'Til Late is a companion piece to her 2014 setup in London titled The Corner Shop with an alike concept but with Eurocentric products. We have word that lines stretched around the block the past couple of days, and every object in the store has since sold. While originally scheduled to be available through June 30th, the exhibition is ending early, specifically 10 pm tonight. Therefore, if you're nearby, today's your opportunity. Maybe?