Best Art Forms to Try During the Lockdown

Everyone stresses being productive. Throughout our day, we constantly fret over the fact that we’re not doing anything that can benefit us later. This becomes a major problem when it persists in individuals especially during times like the current COVID-19 lockdown. Needless to say, people who haven’t faced it before develop anxiety issues while those with existing conditions witness it worsen.

The issue at hand isn't how we’re perceiving our dystopian realities. It’s with the lack of expression and acceptance in accordance with our deepest emotions. Suffice it to say, there is a lot that we repress inside that needs to be encapsulated in words, pictures, drawings, paintings, etc.

Why Art?

Not only is art a great time kill, but it’s also useful in reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and people having trouble coping with isolation. Moreover, since art doesn’t restrict itself to a certain form of expression or specific means for that matter, it’s ideal for individuals of all ages. To put it simply, there is no standard that restricts individuals of certain ages, genders, geography, culture, etc. Anyone can pursue any form of art they want for as long as they want. You won’t necessarily be good in everything but the idea isn’t to be a maestro. 

Forms of Art to Try:

Whether you’re a parent or a young adult having trouble figuring out what to do, start by organizing. Regardless of what you’re trying to pursue (or having your kids do it), having a schedule can be beneficial. Not only will this develop a sense of responsibility and punctuality but it will also clarify whether the individual is genuinely interested in the said art form.

To have a few options, check out the list below to have an idea of things to try:


Photography or the art of capturing images has become one of the most recognized art forms in the world. With vast genres comprising the scenic beauty of inanimate objects as well as real-time moments, there is a plethora of fields in photography that one can find interesting.

The most amazing thing about photography is that it isn’t restricted to static graphical illustrations anymore. Just because you’re not finding taking candid photos of people fun doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same way about birds, animals, or stars. For those who find that they’re ready to become pros, tune into lessons and tips by 1kCreatives and others in the industry.


It’s impossible to find a human being who doesn’t like even one genre of music. Sure, not everyone can be the next top vocalist, guitarist, percussionist, etc. However, that doesn’t mean no one can. Learning a musical instrument or music theory, in general, is one of the most encouraging self-rewarding activities there is. Not only is it a certified therapeutic treatment for various mental problems, but it’s also a great way to learn about cultures around the world.

There is a lot that can be taught to a musician and the best part is, the teacher is none other than music itself. Someone without patience will have to bring themselves in line with the rhythm. Gradually, these minute lessons form the basis of long-term personality changes that can be categorized as essential for grooming. The same is the case with people who find dancing amusing.

tilt selective photograph of music notes

Drawing and Painting

There is a lot of variety when it comes to drawing, painting, sketching, etc. Modern forms of art including concepts like erasure art make it all the more plausible to conclude that art is for everyone. These forms of art require imagination more than skill. That’s why younger people become fonder of drawing and painting. Cathartic and expressive, these forms of art don’t require a lot of equipment to start learning.

assorted-color paintbrushes


Another productive skill to learn in the time of pandemic lockdowns is graphic designing. Kids who seem addicted to screens and can’t find anything interesting outside are very liable to be interested in graphic designing. Software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc. Given the scope these fields have in the modern market, there is no doubt that these are productive skills that can be capitalized on later. Starting from beginner artwork and editing to taking on freelance projects to make a bit of money can be a game-changer with regards to career options.

As we can tell, there are no harms and all pros when we consider art as the activity to pursue in these trying times. Catering to mental health, personality grooming, and career development, pursuing any form of art can guarantee a better individual. All it takes is a little bit of practice to get any beginner to become good enough to find their artworks satisfactory and self-rewarding. Needless to say, we can safely conclude that the above-mentioned art forms are worthy of trying in COVID-19 lockdowns.