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Creative Faces: Deceptive Self-Portraits by Peruvian Artist Cecilia Paredes

“Blue Flight” (2021). All images courtesy of Ruiz-Healy Art, shared with permission

Cecilia Paredes’s self-portraits are deceptive. They make you think she is in the photo, but it becomes clear that she is not there when you look closely. Her hair, eyes, and ears are untouched by paint or makeup; they serve as a reminder of her presence in each work. The artist’s most recent self-portraits were all created with backdrops printed with birds in shades of blue, floral motifs, and ornate flourishes. Set against these lavish backdrops, Cecilia paints her skin to match the pattern while positioning herself precisely within the design so that only her hair, eyes, and ears remain unchanged.” Explore a gallery of Paredes’ exquisite portrayals at Ruiz-Healy Art and Artsy.

“The Unseen Glance” (2021)
“Paradise Hands IV” (2020)
“The Whisper” (2021)
“Paradise Hands IV” (2020)
“Magnolia Stories” (2020)