Captivating Paintings of Plant Life from a Serbian Husband-and-Wife Duo: JA Paunkovic’s Oil Paintings

All images © JA Paunkovic, shared with permission

JA Paunkovic’s oil paintings are a testament to the beauty of plant life. The Serbian husband-and-wife duo creates lush, realistic scenes of plant life that transport the viewer into a world of greenery. Jelena and Aleksandar may capture the majesty of nature in all its forms, whether painting extensive areas of grasses and bushes or delicate flowers. If you’re looking for an escape into a world of plants, JA Paunkovic’s oil paintings are worth checking out!
“A new environment is material that can later be used as a sketch for a fresh painting in the studio,” Jelena explains. “We’ve discovered a method to bring nature into the home or gallery and hang it on the wall as a reminder that we need to consider how our current way of life affects the environment.”
The artists are currently working on a new studio, and you may follow their progress on Instagram. In their store, you’ll find unique prints and original works.