CG artist Andrei Lacatusu Reduces Silicon Valley Giants to Abandoned Neon Signs

andrei lacatusu 2

There’s something captivating about seeing Silicon Valley icons, and match changes of this western world’s adoption of social networking, in the form and form of a derelict, Las Vegas-esque signals. Brands that typically rule our online worlds, and so sometimes our actual worlds, are seldom presented as destitute and on their way outside, painting a spectacular image of their mortality. It’s a stark reminder to how much we cherish these designs in their full glory. Especially as neon business signs¬†are only becoming more popular by the day. Everyone wants to have something flashy and attractive to advertise their brand.

Self-taught digital artist Andrei Lacatusu has created 3D visualisations of the social networking brands we all use every day — Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, in addition to Tinder — in the shape of rusty, falling-apart and neglected neon signs — a stark contrast to the slick, glistening digital variations we see our telephones, and the slick, shiny versions of ourselves we upload to them.

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