Contemporary Artist Jesse Bromm

Jesse Bromm is an artist based in Canada who specializes in contemporary art forms. He is recognized for his versatility in working with various found materials, such as glass jars, animal bones, and expended shotgun shells. Bromm resides and has his studio set up in Toronto, where he continues to create and exhibit his work.

Background and Specialization

Jesse Bromm's artistic inclinations are distinctly modern, placing him in the realm of contemporary art. This is a genre that is less defined by any one technique, medium, or style and more by the artist's intent to challenge traditional norms, evoke emotion, or provoke thought. Bromm epitomizes this definition by stepping outside the conventional bounds of art-making materials.

Versatility in Materials

He employs an extensive range of found objects in his art creations. These aren't limited to traditional art supplies like canvas or paint; instead, he ventures into unorthodox terrains by using materials like glass containers. These glass objects may include anything from empty jars to small bottles, each of which is repurposed in a new, aesthetic context. He also incorporates organic materials such as bones, often animal bones, to add a layer of meaning and depth to his work. Bromm's willingness to include something as unconventional as expended shotgun shells demonstrates a curiosity for transforming the ordinary, or even discarded, into something extraordinary.

Location and Workspace

Jesse Bromm both lives and produces his art in Toronto, Canada's largest city. Situated in the province of Ontario, Toronto is renowned for its vibrant arts and culture scene, offering a stimulating environment for artists like Bromm. The city itself serves as both home and inspiration, with its diverse population and rich tapestry of artistic influences.

Importance of Context

Bromm's choice to work with found objects signifies a broader philosophical approach to art, that of contextual transformation. By taking everyday items and incorporating them into artistic settings, he changes the viewer’s relationship with these objects. A glass jar is no longer just a container; it becomes a storytelling medium. Bones transition from being mere organic remnants to symbols of life, death, or transience. Shotgun shells, often seen as objects of destruction, are integrated into a framework that challenges their original purpose.

Public Reception

While the specific public reception towards Bromm's work may vary, artists who utilize found objects often trigger a range of emotional and intellectual responses. The aesthetic appeal of their work often lies not just in what they create, but also in the provocative questions they raise about material culture, value, and meaning.


In essence, Jesse Bromm is a modern artist who diverges from traditional artistic mediums to bring an array of found objects into his creations. He is based in Toronto, Canada, a location known for its rich artistic culture, where he both lives and works. His art compels viewers to reconsider the ordinary, challenging them to see the extraordinary possibilities that exist within the mundane.

To encapsulate the information:

Artist NameJesse Bromm
Artistic GenreContemporary Art
Notable MaterialsGlass containers, animal bones, expended shotgun shells
LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
Longitude and Latitude43.651070, -79.347015
ClimateContinental climate with cold winters and warm summers
PopulationApproximately 2.8 million (as of 2021)
GDPCAD 385 billion (Greater Toronto Area, as of 2019)
Official LanguagesEnglish
CurrencyCanadian Dollar (CAD)
ReligionDiverse, no dominant religion
ContinentNorth America

By presenting art that both employs unconventional materials and challenges societal norms, Jesse Bromm represents a significant facet of the contemporary art landscape in Canada and beyond.


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