Cycling Guide to Lilliput: Tiny Paintings by Dina Brodsky

Miniature landscape paintings on two-inch plexiglass circles by artist Dina Brodsky. The images are based on her memories of long-distance bicycle riding alone through Europe over the course of ten years and are obtained from complex drawings in ballpoint pen had in a travel journal. Numerous of the paintings are from the biker's view with low vantage points. Although Brodsky appreciates the qualities of large-scale paintings, she is compelled by the closeness of the small format in which each scene, framed on its own, gives a unique opportunity for reflection.

Each miniature is an attempt to capture a particular moment throughout my travels that I can return to vividly in my memory. I like to think that the reason my works have gotten so tiny over the years is that painting itself is partially an act of meditation, of being able to hold something still enough in my mind that I can capture an image of it. As it becomes easier to slip into that meditative state, the object I need to concentrate on becomes smaller.