Miniature Landscapes Made from Thread: Carolina Torres’ Embroidery Pieces

The landscapes of Carolina Torres are anything but traditional. The New Mexico-based artist creates embroidery pieces that mimic textured paint strokes and feature various stitches that look just like brushstrokes, mimicking the old masters' paintings in galleries. Her miniature landscapes are mounted inside tiny ornate frames.

"What I like the most about creating embroidered landscapes is seeing how the pieces come to life, stitch by stitch," Torres tells My Modern Met.

The artist's intricate work is on display in this colorful, hand-made blanket. Bright skies and knotted clouds are depicted with pastel threads that merge like natural gradients. Tiny oceans, mountains, fields, and more fill the frame of an elegant tapestry for a stunning design you won't find anywhere else!

Castro's advice for those who are just starting in this craft to explore new techniques every time they sit down with their needle. "Creativity comes and goes, but practice helps you always find it," she adds.

Check out Torres' miniature embroidered landscapes below, and you can buy your piece of miniature art at her Etsy shop.