Nomadic Illustrator Matches London’s Iconic Pubs with Paper Cut Drawings

Earlier this year, we introduced you to London based illustrator Maxwell Tilse, which combines his love of drawing with his passion for traveling. Now, as he prepares to leave London after living there for a couple of decades, he has published a new series of cut-out drawings which depict the city's oldest pubs.

"London is a city filled to the brim with historical wonders which are so easy to miss or pass by, unnoticed," says Tilse.

Around 5cm in height, Tilse's "small pubs" feature charming details, like stain glass windows, ornamental balconies, and Tudor style chimneys. "I really do love the mock Tudor architecture that is nestled in between the grand Victorian hotels and galleries," the artist admits. He completes his procedure by photographing his work, held up beside the original building.

Stay updated with Tilse's illustrated travel journal on Instagram.