Daily Dity: World Leaders Are People Too By Cristina Guggeri


One artist took it a step farther, though, and created a series of images of world leaders in compromising, if very familiar, positions. Sardinian artist Cristina Guggeri channeled sophomoric humor into this political and social series called Il Dovere Quotidiano, or "The Daily Duty." You get the joke.

“People have reacted with a sense of humor. They enjoy the idea that even the powerful of the earth can do their physiological duties as all”


“The digital photomontage offers different artistic possibilities. It takes a lot of patience to make one work and assemble various pieces of photographs to create a totally new one”



“The works are made with digital art, with a popular graphics program. They are montages of different pictures even of small parts. It takes a lot of patience, artistic sensibility and a good dose of humor“



“The project is still in the works, and soon will have another collection of great personalities”