Deep Environmental Paintings by Artist Julie Heffernan

Artist Julie Heffernan‘s work are technically sophisticated, layers of element filling her usually 5-foot-tall canvases. Though enchanting, her environments reference catastrophe and misery, conditions that peek into how we’d reposition ourselves in nature after huge traumas equivalent to Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill.

“We’re slowly making our world unlivable, and I need to carry to the floor the damaging motion, waste, and contamination that’s usually invisible to us,” says Heffernan in her artist assertion. “I have to think about one other method, to outfit myself with indicators and banners that talk louder than I can, to ascertain how we’d remake the world as it’s slowly falling aside.”

One other far lighter inspiration Heffernan works inside her work is the childhood sport of Chutes and Ladders. Just like the climbing, twisting, and meandering board sport, her work enable the attention to crawl up, down, and across the forests and mountains, she paints. You may see extra of those formidable panorama works on her portfolio website, and browse her personal ideas on painting on her blog.

via Julie Heffernan / Booooooom