Luminous Sunsets Hidden Within Forgotten Places by Andrew McIntosh

Scottish painter Andrew McIntosh takes ubiquitous constructions typically deserted on rural homesteads similar travel campers or sheds and reveals hidden worlds inside: radiant sunsets and expansive skies that seem like portals into some other location. Drawing inspiration from a childhood spent in the Highlands of Scotland, the London-based painter offers surprising life to derelict buildings set towards the backdrop of mist-filled woods and frozen mountains. From his expert assertion:

My work are an exercise in attraction. By them I'm continuously trying to find novel methods of communicating with the viewer. By seducing them with my imagery, I seek to create a new visual linguistic communication with the powerfulness to pique their attending and create them halt to inquire: why? Desolate landscapes, decrepit homes, and incongruous moments of glory come collectively to recommend the presence of a story that exists as a lot in the viewer’s head as within the picture. That is how I goal to utilisation my works: because the infinite for an fantastical dialogue between strangers.

McIntosh most lately exhibited a new body of work with bo.lee gallery last month called “Where we Belong” at Pulse Miami. You may see many more latest work in his online portfolio.

via The Jealous Curator