All images © Melpomeni Chatzipanagiotou, shared with permission

Melpomeni Chatzipanagiotou’s Whimsical Landscapes Cast a Cosmic Spell

Have you ever been lost in space while gazing at the sky on a clear night? Greek artist Melpomeni Chatzipanagiotou brings that feeling to life in her whimsical landscapes. Her heavily patterned woodcuts are adorned with cosmic details that add a touch of fantasy to the natural scenes. Chatzipanagiotou’s paintings will cast a spell over you, whether she paints billowing, star-dotted night skies or rugged, gnarled woods encircled by deep green boughs.

On Etsy, there are numerous wood and paper graphics by Chatzipanagiotou that you can buy. You may also see her work on Instagram. She is working on her third coloring book, Enchanting Earth, which will be launched in February. The prior two, Circle of Life and Nature Mandalas, are now available at Bookshop.