Deformations: Bizarre Portraits of Lee Griggs

Deformations is a series of odd and twisted portraits created by Madrid-based designer Lee Griggs, who is having fun stretching the faces of his models in some surreal experimentsHe took normal faces, transforming them digitally while he never knows how the result will look like until he comes with a finished product. His experiments unquestionably created some of the most strange looking faces.

Lee Griggs00

Lee Griggs01

Lee Griggs03

Lee Griggs04

Lee Griggs05

Lee Griggs06

Lee Griggs07

Lee Griggs08

Lee Griggs09

Lee Griggs10

Lee Griggs11

Lee Griggs12

Lee Griggs13

Lee Griggs14

Lee Griggs15

Lee Griggs16

Lee Griggs17

Lee Griggs18

Lee Griggs19



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