Fascinating Butterflies Moths Created from Seasonal Flowers by Raku Inoue

raku inoue 12

Montreal-based artist and innovative Raku Inoue continue his Natura Insects series with a focus on brightly colored moths and butterflies. The delicate pests were made from seasonal leaves and blossoms, with pastel petals and green leaves composing those created in late summer, and warmer tones and brown leaves forming the works made in mid-fall.

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The artist realized that the significance of utilizing seasonal substances while studying the art of Ikebana–the Japanese art of floral arrangement. This training instructed Inoue to respect the nature that he works with and only use what’s most abundant, rather than focusing on what might look most attractive. Often following rain, he’ll collect the petals that have fallen into the ground, employing these naturally-provided elements instead of looking for flowers nevertheless connected to their stem or shrub.

See more of arrangements from his continuing series on Instagram.

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