Beautiful Insect Figures From Recycled Computer Parts

Artist: Julie Alice Chappell

This talented lady has indulged in two hobbies that aren't all that popular around here. One is admiring the beauty of insects and the other one - recycling. The two go surprisingly well together, fitting perfectly in a wonderful monument to nature's beauty and, unfortunately, the nebulous path ahead of us, as a species in it.

Chappell's concern with the state of our environment and, even more so with our reckless attitude towards it, has caused her to create a piece of art that definitely makes you think.

via Julie Alice Chappell


Moths, butterflies and flies, but prettier than you've ever seen before!

Julie tells journalists:

“The recycled bits of cultural refuse that are woven throughout my work represent a direct encounter with the excesses of modern living highlighting the dangers of planned obsolescence and e-waste in the environment. The work displays an aesthetic beauty while offering a socio-political discourse, attempting to reclaim waste and the destruction of the natural world, in the beauty of visual art.”

Some quick statistics:

Cell phones thrown away make up to 60-70 Million $ of gold and silver annually, and that's just in the US

A shocking 12% of current e-waste is recycled each year (It's not the good kind of shocking)

It costs us 1.5 tons of water to make a SINGLE computer and monitor 
Perhaps next time I want to get a new computer because my game is loading too slowly, I'll calculate that in more than simple finance - I will take into account the water, the chemicals, the art and, of course, the insects.

You can look at more computer bugs (haha, get it) on her official page and even purchase them on Etsy! This is the kind of fly you do want in your household.