“Heartbreak” – A Project By Felix Hernandez That Reflects What We Do To The Nature

Photographer and digital artist Felix Hernandez reflects his “thoughts, dreams and ideas” through fantastical photographs crafted from toy versions, hand-built collections, and smart camera tricks. His most recent endeavor, Heartbreak, explores the negative effect we humans are having on our planet.

“Nature is wonderful, it’s astounding, and we all are part of it,” says Hernandez. “But with all our actions we’re taking down it.” Heartbreak is the first of a new series, where Hernandez plans to utilize miniature animal characters to represent real people and thoughts. He clarifies,”In Heartbreak the infant elephant represents my youngest son and also the adult elephant represent me”

The moving picture shows the two dinosaurs separated with a crumbling, heart-shaped crevasse which was caused by the burden of their own footsteps. The lifelike rock is left from sculpted foam, while the toy elephants and various model components are added to finish the scene.

“The message supporting the show is straightforward,” says Hernandez. “Look what we’re doing to our planet, ourselves, our children with our activities. None of us are great and will never be, but we could all contribute in some way to leave behind a much better place.”