Spanish Artist Creates Suspended Staircase Sculptures That Look Like 3D Sketches

Barcelona based artist David Moreno describes his process as "drawing with palaces," his 3D works made from cable mimic scribbly line drawings. Continuing this particular technique, the newest pieces of Moreno are inspired by expansive cathedral doorways and staircases.

Starting out as sketches that are cross-hatched that are frenzied, Moreno uses countless steel rods and piano wire of varying lengths to make his innermost scenes. The material is welded together to mimic their free-hand pencil origins. Hanging in the ceiling or on gallery walls, the pieces of Moreno are lit by spotlights, which make long shadows which contrast with the vertical lines that were hard. This effect provides even greater depth to the "micro-atmospheres" he generates.

Fragile, floating staircases--painted in stone and silver and lands -- intriguing link doorways. In associations, bonds are signified by these links on Moreno: he sees human energy.

Moreno's work has been presented around the world, including the Contemporary International Art Fair of Istanbul.

More info: Instagram | Behance