Matt Wilson’s Wildlife Assemblages: Handcrafted Wood Contrasting Metallic Sculptures

Matt Wilson's wildlife assemblages are a fascinating contrast between nature and man-made materials. The wildlife sculptures are made with found flatware and other metal objects that he welds into lifelike representations of birds, insects, or small animals. The Charleston-based artist mounts the finished sculpture onto driftwood or smooth plaques many of which are handcrafted by his friend Jacob Kent, contrasts the shiny metal with natural material such as wood grain.

Wilson's work has expanded in these last few years, so now he works on a flock of birds more than one at once. This allows for his designs to be well-rounded and cohesive instead of just being pieces from different bodies without any connection. His most recent 100 pieces are now up for sale and will be released as soon as they're finished so follow him on Instagram if you want an early look!