Migrant workers in India funded with 100,00 meals by artwork

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Covid-19 resulted in over 140 million unemployed people in India. Most of them are migrant workers and daily wage laborers. The Plated Project has released a new series of artwork to focus on this issue, with the title “A Plate Full of Hope,” intending to provide 100,000 meals to migrant workers. Twenty international artists have made limited-edition art-plates. Among them, we can see: Hana Augustine from Indonesia, recipient of an AGDA Award of Excellence, Pavan Rajurkar from India, who featured in Lurzer’s Archive’s Best Illustrators Worldwide and Sandhya Prabhat from California, past speaker and an illustrator at NYU. Each plate presents a singular experience or emotion that people might have felt through the lockdown all over the world. The sale of one plate equals 250 meals for a migrant worker’s family. In the first week alone, The Plated Project sponsored over 70,000 meals. If you wish to “Buy a plate to fill a plate,” find more information at The Plated Project.


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