Miniature Post-Apocalyptic World Crafted by Simon Laveuve

Covered by tracking vines and mosses, the shabby sanctuaries that Paris-based artist Simon Laveuve crafts appear to arise from a post-apocalyptic world as spooky safe-havens. Commonly raised aboveground, the small structures include vertical buildings and constructions with different platforms and staircases leading up. "My pieces, mostly, have this facet of refuge ... I like to work with the elevation and the unattainable: defense and abandonment. Dropped symbols and their significance. Resistance and insubordination," the artist states. Marked with signs and ads glued on the wall surfaces, the decomposing panoramas display an alternative planet currently deserted. Graffiti drawings the exterior siding, and thick greenery nestles the remaining settings. Each sculpture shows the negative qualities of mankind while inevitably revealing the environment's capability to endure. Laveuve's housings are featured in Tiny Scale, Big World: The Culture of Mini Crafts, accessible from Bookshop. Check out more of the extraordinary works on the artist's web page and Instagram, where he also shares glances right into his technique.