Paula Crown’s virtual ‘message in a bottle’ encourages Rockefeller Center visitors to share positivity in a time where interaction is distant

Artist Paula Crown’s interactive piece, EMANARE appears at Rockefeller Center this September, encouraging visitors, both in-person and virtually, to send messages of positive intention emanating into the world.

Inspired by Buddhist prayer wheels, the artwork is activated when viewers collaborate by sending messages to benefit the whole. 

Emanare, the Latin word for emanate, means to flow out, to send forth, and to emit. Using the available QR code (below), participants are prompted to write a positive message that they wish to share. 

Affirmations including “Take it easy on yourself”, “You are made of strong stuff” and “Time to eat right” begin to appear in a digital scroll against a backdrop of colors taken from the artist’s skyscape paintings. Eventually, these messages layer, conjoin and merge into one another, transforming the work into a collection of each participant’s unique contribution. 

What positive message do you want to emanate to the world today? 

Passions and sentiments not only stir the emotions, but they also charge the globe. Electrify the world by transmitting a positive note that, like a great novelist, thrills the spirit through the word.

Please use the QR code to add your missive to this prompt; it will later be displayed on the adjoining LED screens to form a collection of electronic message bottles. Over time, new lines will be added so that each participant’s unique mark not only conjures but conjoins with one another’s.

Paula Crown’s interactive piece, EMANARE will be installed at Rockefeller Center from Tuesday September 7 through September 30, 2020.

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