Pendants and swirling resin wall hangings capture the beauty of crashing waves

Who doesn’t love a fresh and salty sea breeze and the tone of waves flooding the shore? Thanks to Ukrainian artist Anna Paschenko, in case, if you long for the meach, you can have a mini version of an ocean at home. Her craft is resin wall hangings and pendants that you can wear. All of them capture the beauty of the sea. Her swirly painting got rendered with coats of epoxy resin.
Once poured, the liquid creates bubbly wave-like patterns as well as mesmerizing swirls. The artist explains that epoxy resin is a system of two components – resin and hardener. When you mix the two elements, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the liquid resin, hardening to a solid plastic. The result is a transparent surface and a high gloss on a 2 mm glass. Afterward, Paschenko frames each part in metal, using a stained glass technique. Each colorful piece looks like real waves crashing onto a shore. Her artwork is available on Etsy shop if you’d like your miniature seascape.

Website:, Roslynka