Artist Bethany Moffat draws the majestic beauty of Ocean waves

Have you ever considered quitting your daytime job? Probably yes, but would you do that to paint ocean waves full time? Imagine that is precisely what young artist – Bethany Moffat did. At first look, the marine art pieces of Brisbane-based painter can look like photos, but when you look closer, you see a series of super-realistic colored pencil illustrations. What is also amazing, she spends even a few weeks to achieve the soft surface of the ocean. Moffat started her project six months ago and is growing her impressive portfolio ever since. She explained that her love for the deep of the water began very early as she was growing up by the sea. The artist always felt the healing power of its creation and was inspired by it.
Each art presents layers of deep tones and true-to-life shading. To achieve this quality, Moffat uses lots of coloring pencils. The dominant colors are, of course, shades of blue and white. Her latest drawing consumed over 70 pencils! Isn’t it crazy?
If you feel a similar passion to the ocean, but don’t want to quit your job, just check her artwork and be inspired by them – more info on her website.