Photographer Captures the Vivid Beauty of Colorful Birds

Leila Jeffreys specializes in catching the unique personalities of each feathery friend through a series of up-close studio portraits, using a target to "portray birds in a way that exhibits their extraordinary beauty and variety, and to inspire a deeper concern for their well-being."

Following on from her earliest work, which captured colorful portraits of budgerigars and wild cockatoos, she has resumed photographing birds from all over the world. A series from 2014 conveys the intense nature of birds of prey, many of which appear to face the camera without fear. In one shot, Trinity stands fiercely with a puffed out chest, while in a different, Mulga crouches angrily. The owls within this series seem to be a bit timider and sullen; in one picture, Tani stands with her back turned, rotating her mind only halfway to partly face the camera.

These vigorous creatures originate from exotic lands, such as the Australasia rainforests. The Superb Fruit Dove stands proudly wearing his purple crown, and the Emerald Dove exhibits lush green wings from a plumage of dusty pink.

If you love these colorful, feathery photos, you can see them for yourself at Jeffreys' present exhibition--eligible Ornithurae Volume 1-- in the Olsen Gruin Gallery at New York City. It's available until November 12, 2017.

You may discover more of Jeffrey's work on her website and Instagram.