Photographer Cecilia Paredes Hides Herself in Bright Floral Patterns

Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes is the model of her own richly patterned photographs, yet her figure is often complicated to locate at first. For each portrait, she hangs boldly printed cloths as the background, which she then matches with her skin that is painted, customized clothes, or both. Her torso, arms, and face fade into the background since the curvature of her body along with brown hair become some of the only signs of her existence.

"I wrap, camouflage, or paint my entire body with the same pattern of the material and re-present myself within this picture," she explains. "Through this act, I am focusing on the subject of constructing my own identification with the entourage or part of the planet where I live or where I feel I could call home. My bio has been explained as Spartan, so perhaps this is also a need for fixing the practice of continuous movement."

Currently, she has a solo exhibition at Museum of Latin America Art (MOLAA) in Los Angeles through December 30, 2018, and will start a different solo exhibition in the Museum of the University of Navarra (MUN) in Spain on March 27, 2019.