French Artist Ememem “The Pavement Surgeon” Transforms Urban Decay into Beautiful Mosaic Art

All images © Ememem, shared with permission; Ememem’s collaboration with artist Jan Vormann, whose LEGO piece constructs part of the wall

If you’ve ever walked through a city, you know that pavement can be a bit of an eyesore. But one artist is using this urban landscape to create beautiful mosaic art. French artist Ememem, also known as “the pavement surgeon,” fills cracks and potholes with dazzling designs, turning the decay into something beautiful. Whether it’s a large pothole or an unsightly chip on a cobblestone path, Ememem fills all shapes of crevices with colorful patterns. So next time you’re strolling through your city streets, take a closer look at the pavement—you may be surprised by what you find!

To achieve this, the artist employs his technique, known as “flacking,” which is derived from the french term flaque, meaning puddle. This sums up Ememem’s site-specific works in terms of their freeform nature. He chooses a unique variety of ceramic, wood, and bitumen to fill the gap depending on the amount of space he needs to create and the aesthetic he wishes to achieve. His pattern is determined by size and color, which he orders based on what he picks.

These mosaic tiles appear to be completely natural in the gray atmosphere. By fading in with the cracks of sidewalks, Ememem can make their presence appear intentional, as though they were always intended to be there. Walking around the artist’s hometown of Lyon—or other European metropolises like Paris and Madrid—is now a must-do for tourists. Mosaic art can be seen throughout the landscape, thanks to individuals who have put up mosaic installations in their backyards or along city streets.

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