Photography by Christoffer Relander – human subjects distorted by nature

Christoffer Relander, during the first wave of winter, in the southern part of Finland, shot thick pieces of ferns, blades of grass, and branches as a part of a fresh set of double-exposure photography.
His monochromatic project called "We are nature Vol. 6" unites nature with human figures to create a representation of a woman whose forehead gets replaced with an abundant brush. One of the other pictures shows two children whose features are wrapped by vines and leaves.
The Finish artist, with a background in graphic design, shares to Colossal that his decisions on pairing each natural element and subject base on graphical structures and forms. Once the final effect feels wrong, he trusts his gut. Thanks to coronavirus pandemic, he had more time to alter his method for this particular series. When using in-camera, the manipulation is ready immediately. He's got more options, such as flexibility when using external software. Although unfortunately, using photoshop often ruined artworks by taking it too far. The feel of reward after using in-camera is overflowing, but the pressure gets overwhelming.