Simon Beck’s Snow Art: Geometric Canvas Created by Walking Across Snow-Covered Fields

There's a new kind of art unfolding in snow-covered fields worldwide, and it doesn't involve any paint or brushes. While most of us are limited to making snowmen or snow angels, Simon Beck has been busy creating massive land art pieces with nothing more than a few footprints and some creative thinking. His works are so significant that they can only be fully appreciated when viewed above, often looking like intricate geometric designs in the snow. It's hard to believe that these pieces are created by simply walking across fields covered in fresh snow!

Beck is a cartographer born to create this sort of ephemeral artwork. He makes maps to plan his design ahead of time; one millimeter on the page equals one step on the ground as a cartographer. After preparing his itinerary, Beck heads out on the snow with a ski pole and snowshoes, among other gear he might require. He's also an outdoor lover; for lengthy periods each day, he spends hours in the snow to bring his sketches to life. The results enhance the artwork's aesthetics, which turn a winter wonderland landscape into a temporary work of art. Wind gusts and rogue skiers, as well as the position of the Sun, can alter the piece dramatically.

Beck is a longtime favorite of ours, and his land art is as prolific as ever. He's back after a period of inactivity owing to COVID-19 constraints, and he's currently creating snow art in the French Alps. On his Facebook page, you'll find out where he's going after seeing some of his latest snow drawings.