Imposing Geometric Designs from Kristen Meyer: An Interview on Flat Lay Art

All images © Kristen Meyer, shared with permission

The flat lay art movement has been picking up steam in recent years, with artists from all around the world using this style to present their work. In her interview on flat lays, New Haven-based designer Kristen Meyer talks about how she is inspired by interior decorating and prop styling to create geometric shapes that stand out against a white background. Meyer's floral design style is rooted in floristry, yet it has also been influenced. He utilizes essential items like eggshell shards, paperclips, sweets, and deconstructed bouquets to build precise geometric forms and network-like compositions. The eye-catching works, streamlined in terms of material and rich in depth and complexity, create intriguing classifications within squares or circles utilizing subtle outlines and space.
Meyer's husband, Colincreated all of the final shots for this collection. You may check out her portfolio on Instagram and buy prints from her online store.